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Criminal Punjabi Movie Download

Criminal Punjabi Movie Download - The hoodlum rotates around Mahi and Arjun who need to isolate however a night with the criminals at home has an impact on their viewpoint for one another. Will the episode influence their choice?

Cast by -

• Neeru Bajwa

• Raghveer quote

• Ruler Cavalzito

• Dheeraj Kumar

Criminal Punjabi Movie Download

Criminal Punjabi film will deliver in release on 23 September 2022. It is a wrong doing tension thrill ride film. The film stars Neeru Bajwa, Dheeraj Kumar, Ruler Kawaljit and Raghveer Boli in lead jobs.

It is delivered by Gippy Grewal and Huge Daddy Movies. The criminal movie is coordinated by Garinder Sidhu.

This is the narrative of a hazardous criminal and a perilous psyche. Additionally, the shooting of the scenes is exceptionally serious.

Sarvjit Khera and Naveen Jethi composed the story and screenplay of the movies. The film is delivered under the pennant of Humble Movies.

Criminal Punjabi film cast

• Neeru Bajwa

• Dheeraj Kumar

• Ruler Cavalzito

• Raghveer quote

• Sukhwinder Chahal

• Harbhagwan Singh

• Kavi Singh

• Harishv Sharma

• Gurnav Profound Singh


This is the narrative of an incredibly perilous. criminal. The story starts with an assault on the police van which is taking the detainees to the prison. 5 criminals have gotten away from the police van.

The 5 criminals incorporate a man named Tunni moniker Tanveer Sharma, who killed a man out so everyone can see.

Second is Demu false name Davinder Singh who has under 307 and third is Kappa moniker Karamjit Singh which has in excess of twelve cases.

The fourth criminal is the expert and the young ladies are undependable when the expert pseudonym Malkit Singh is visiting the area.

The fifth and last offender is Bharpur Singh otherwise known as Bhura, who would contemplation to quiet his care. He never pardons on the off chance that somebody upsets him during contemplation.

The exchanges of the film are additionally areas of strength for extremely.

There is a bar in the city and criminals can't leave the city. Presently the police need to find out where they are stowing away.

  • Every one of the 5 criminals are concealing in a house in the general public. There is likewise a couple in the house, however they conceal in such a spot in the house which the criminals don't have the foggiest idea.
  • There is a scene where Bhura asks his kindred criminal how to kill an individual with scissors or with a gun. Then he tells himself with delight.
  • In the end well, without a doubt that this is the best tension thrill ride made in Pollywood or Punjabi film.
  • Criminal is set to deliver on 23rd September 2022. What's more, this venture will be the principal task to be delivered under Large Daddy Movies. Fans are communicating their fervor for this task in the remark segment.
  • We are eager to see this remarkable looking criminal show on screen.

 Characters and Screenplay :

1. The star cast of Criminal incorporates Neeru Bajwa, Sovereign Kanwaljit Singh, Dheeraj Kumar and Raghveer Boli.

2. Criminal is coordinated by Garinder Sidhu.

3. The 'criminal' has a place with the 'show' class.

4. 'Criminal' is delivering in Punjabi.

5. The delivery date of Neeru Bajwa and Sovereign Kanwaljit Singh starrer 'Criminal' is 2022-09-23.

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