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Posti Movie Download Filmyhit

 Posti Movie Download Filmyhit  - Posti is a Punjabi movie released on June 17, 2022. The movie is coordinated by Rana Ranbir and stars Babbal Rai, Surili Gautam, Prince K.J. Singh and Malkit Roni are ahead of the pack jobs. Other well known entertainers who were chosen for the post are Rana Jung Bahadur and Seema Kaushal.
Posti is a 2022 Indian Punjabi language movie coordinated by Rana Ranbir and delivered by Gippy Grewal. It stars Babbal Rai, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Surili Gautam and Raghbir. At first booked to release on 20 March 2020, the release has been deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. The film is presently booked to release on 17 June 2022.

Posti Movie Download Filmyhit

  1. Cast By :Babbal rai
  2. Ruler Kanwaljit Singh as Keidas
  3. pleasant gautam
  4. Raghveer as Sonic
  5. Zareen Khan as Heer Saletik
  6. Vadda Grewal
  7. Rana Ranbir
  8. jas dhillon
  9. Malkit Roni
  10. Rana Jung Bahadur
  11. tarsem paul
  12. Seema Kaushali

Movie Story -
Keeda, a kind soul is one of those lamentable individuals who unconsciously and unwittingly fell into the compulsion. Everybody in his town calls him 'posti' (drug junkie). Regardless of chronic drug use, he comprehends the entanglements of fixation and dreams of a Punjab liberated from all types of medications, where joblessness isn't an issue, and where ladies are treated with highest regard. is dealt with. He attempts his level best to do a good job for individuals, however not every person figures out his unadulterated expectations.

The idea of the film is exceptionally intense. From drug merchants maintaining their business under the framework's nose to the framework, utilizing similar sellers to help their gatherings exceptionally significant social issues are featured. The film additionally illuminates how people with great influence put their pawns in each foundation leaving taught youth jobless and defenseless simultaneously.

  • Chief Rana Ranbir
  • Maker Gippy Grewal
  • Ravneet Kaur Grewal
  • Chief Producer Bhana La and Vinod Aswal
  • Composed by Rana Ranbir
  • Sangeet Jai K, Desi Rautz, Ramgarhia
  • Altered Rohit Dhiman
  • dop joy combojo
  • Creation organization Humble Motion Pictures
  • Overall Distribution Omji Star Studios
  • kinds show
  • Release date 17 June 2022
  • Running time 2 hours 10 minutes (130 minutes)
  • IMDb rating inaccessible

Posty Rana is an impending Punjabi language show movie coordinated by Ranbir. Featuring Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Babbal Rai and Rana Ranbir in lead jobs. The film is composed by Rana Ranbir and music is given by Jai K, Desi Rautz, Ramgarhia. The film is being delivered under the standard of Humble Motion Pictures and Omji Star Studios. Posti film is booked to release on seventeenth June 2022.

Posti film depends on an exceptionally delicate subject, about individuals succumb to illicit drug use. It mirrors the social and policy driven issues and truth of Punjab. The soundtrack is formed by Jay K, Desi Rautz and Let So New Ramgarhia, verses by Babbal Rai, Maninder Kelly, Pradeep Malik and Ricky Khan. The melodies are sung by Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Babbal Rai, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Prabha Gill and Afsana Khan. At first planned to release on 20 March 2020, the release has been deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. The film is booked to release on 28 January 2022.

Posty finally created a ruckus in the city. Produced by Gippy Grewal, the film is directed by Rana Ranbir. For the most part the film revolves around the issue of the triumph of chronic drug use in Punjab. In the event that you want to watch the movie in theatres, we have our Post Movie Audit here for your care!

Post Movie Survey will give you the understanding of the movie without wasting much. It stars Babbal Rai, Prince Kanwaljit, Rana Ranbir, Surili Gautam, Vadda Grewal, Raghbir Boli and many more in pivotal roles. Here are the subtleties of what made the film win and where it failed!

Story and Screenplay :

 The story is the spirit of any true life experience and it's a pity to say that Postie seemed to need it. There are just too many open ends. There are a lot of characters in the film, each with their own story, with no concrete completions. The primary story revolves around 'Keeda' played by Rajkumar Kanwaljeet. Posti Movie Review will help you understand the story without any spoiler.

The worm is the jewel of the heart, ruined by compulsion. The film follows his illegal drug use, his fellowship, the virtues of his heart, his reality and his demise. Keeda's story hopes to spread awareness among the crowd about a difficult issue of Punjab - illegal drug use. How illegal drug use, unemployment, lack of a legitimate schooling system turn a deserving child into a drug addict. Nonetheless, this isn't something we've seen any time soon. A lot of movies have been made on the drug issue of Punjab and sadly Posti is not the most ideal attempt at it.

The story additionally follows the heartfelt experience of Jeeta, played by Babbal Rai, and the existence of the melodious Gautam played by him. All things considered, how lovebirds have to battle with their families to stay together. Once again, not like anything we've ever seen, nor the best effort at it.

Generally speaking, the story was not the most foundational point of Posty. It relied on a specific but fascinating subject. Particularly, when the cause of a story is to spread a message among the majority, it becomes important to understand how much impact it has on the crowd and society and unfortunately Posty could not do that.

Characters and Exhibitions : 

This is where Posti takes the crown. Ruler Kanwaljeet is undoubtedly the best entertainer in the Punjabi entertainment world! Posty was all about that, and he totally pulled it off with his presentation. There are scenes where Rajkumar Kanwaljeet forces you to shed tears even in an irrelevant story. Posty Movie Review presents a careful examination of the entertainer's exposition.

Babbal Rai plays the role of a PhD graduate in Punjabi, yet an unemployed man in the film. He is a brilliant psyche, who is bombarding the public authority of Punjab and the issue of unemployment. He is also very attached to the personality, life of Surili Gautam. The problem with Babbal Rai's personality was that the story made it difficult to understand everything he really should have said. Was everything about affection? Is it true or not that he was an aggressive person who needed the adjustment of the general public? Babbal Rai acted well though his personality would have been composed better.


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