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 Babe Bangra Paunde Ne Punjabi Movie Download

Babe Bangra Paunde Ne Punjabi Movie Download

 Babe Bangra Paunde Ne Punjabi Movie Download - Jaggi and her companions are determined to become rich and effective by doing anything. Once he concocts becoming rich by taking on and guaranteeing his dad so he can lawfully guarantee a huge number of dollars when his supportive dad kicks the bucket. Will plans change when Jaggi meets Preet? Will they find actual success?

About the film

Babe Bhangra Ponde is an impending Punjabi film to be delivered on 5 October 2022. The movie is directed by Amarjit Singh and stars Diljit Dosanjh, Sargun Mehta, Gurpreet Bhangu and Sangar Singh leading the pack jobs. One more well known entertainer who was roped in for Bebe Bhangra Ponde is BK Singh Rakhda.

Starcast: Diljit Dosanjhi

Producer: Amarjit Singh Sarono

Babe Bangra Paunde Ne Punjabi Movie Download

The banner and title of the forthcoming film recommends that it will serve us with an equilibrium of parody, dance and rush. The movie is directed by Amarjit Singh Saron.

Starcast: No

Directed by: Sukh Sanghera

Sukh Sanghera, one of the well known music video chiefs is eager to impart his most memorable venture to his fans. Talking about the banner, it shows two enlivened individuals, and further you can see a portion of the hardware utilized during the filmmaking.

Bebe Bhangra Ponde is a pristine Punjabi film delivered on 5 October 2022 featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Sargun Mehta and Sohail Ahmed. Bebe Bhangra Ponde directed by Amarjit Singh Saron and composed by Naresh Kathuria. Verses by Raj Ranjod, Cheerful Raikoti, and Simmu Dhillon and sung by Diljit Dosanjh, Indrajit Nikku and Raj Ranjodh. Here we have every one of the melodies of Bebe Bhangra Ponde Ne Film Verses and Music Video.

Babe Bangra Paunde Ne Punjabi Movie Download

After the arrival of 'Jogi', entertainer Diljit Dosanjh is good to go for his next project 'Bebe Bhangra Paunde Ne' with Sargun Mehta. The entertainer drills down into the most recent dance numbers from the film 'Coca' and 'Lone ranger Party'

He added: "'Coca' and 'Single guy Party' are both Punjabi numbers, and what can be preferable over bringing it out not long before the bubbly season."

While the principal melody 'Koka' sung by Diljit Dosanjh is a finished dance number, 'Single man Party' brings to the front the heartfelt science among Diljit and Sargun. It is sung by Diljit and Indrajit Nikku.

Story and Screenplay :

Diljit Dosanjh has worked in a few Punjabi and Hindi movies including 'Jatt and Juliet 2', 'Punjab 1984', 'Great Newwz' and others.

Sargun is additionally known for her Programs and movies. He was found in 'Wrongdoing Watch', 'Kya Hua Tera Vaada', 'Jamai Raja' and furthermore took part actually shows like 'Nach Baliye 5', 'Satire Evenings with Kapil'. She was likewise a piece of Akshay Kumar-starrer 'Katputli'.

Presently, as the entertainer gears up for his next Punjabi film with Sargun, he earnestly trusts that the crowd will see the value in the film and its music.

"Sargun and I had an awesome time going for him. I trust the crowd will fall head over heels for these two," said Diljit Dosanjh.

Punjabi parody show 'Bebe Bhangra Paunde Ne' is directed by Amarjit Singh Saroon and created by Diljit Thind and Diljit Dosanjh. It will deliver on October 5.

Angel Bhangra Ponde Trailer: Diljit Dosanjh will be seen inverse Sargun Mehta in the forthcoming Punjabi satire, which will deliver on fifth October.

Characters -

Diljit Dosanjh, who was found in his last film Jogi, which delivered on Netflix on 16 September, is preparing for his next Punjabi film Bebe Bhangra Ponde Ne with Sargun Mehta. On Tuesday, the entertainers and the film's group shared the trailer of the forthcoming parody, and it is comical. From offering 'Universe' clothing to 'taking on' a dad for protection benefits, Diljit will investigate every possibility to make him and his companions the following 'three most extravagant men' on the planet.

The three-minute trailer of Bebe Bhangra Paunde Ne starts with music and cycle riding on NRI Diljit Dosanjh's earphones. From that point, he is seen talking about the 'three most extravagant men on the planet' with his companions in Punjabi. "Charge Entryways, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos… How could he turn into the most extravagant man on the planet? In view of a thought. We have a thought as well," he tells them. They dump food from a truck at, "A the world's three most extravagant supermarket men later on? Three of us!" The triplet shake hands and plan for their future, and Diljit expresses, "Come on, child."


Then we are acquainted with their most memorable lucrative thought: Lyra Universe clothing. An invigorated Diljit is seen introducing his strategic agreement at a stuffed table of financial backers, before one of them said, "Your thoughts are not exactly prepared." To understand their fantasy about becoming rich, Diljit and the group concoct another arrangement - to 'take on' a dad and go into business subsequent to getting cash from an insurance contract. They will currently need to waitlist a dad who has 'least authenticity'.

Sargun Mehta - She works in an advanced age home, and unconsciously turns into a piece of Diljit's arrangement by sharing data about the wellbeing status of her clients. Before long, Diljit invites a 'father' home and embraces Sargun as he much obliged 'a vagrant' for assisting him with finding his 'papaji (father)'. Before the strategy becomes dynamic in around 25 days, Diljit should guarantee that his 'father' doesn't bite the dust. Diljit tells his protection specialist, "So presently the matter is cut. That implies a test of skill and endurance. ,

Diljit and his companions give their all to keep their 'papaji' alive for the following '25 days' despite the fact that 'he becomes unwell when he shows up's to accompany them. However, things don't work out as expected as Diljit's 'father' sees an extreme improvement in his wellbeing, which is exceptionally disheartening for Diljit and his companions.

Diljit took to virtual entertainment on Monday to report the delivery date of the film. Sharing a banner, he expressed, "Bebe Bhangra Ponde Ne... Delivering around the world - This Dussehra fifth October." Directed by Amarjit Singh Saron, Bebe Bhangra Ponde will check Diljit's most memorable movie with Sargun.

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10 Lines on Dussehra in English

10 Lines on Dussehra in English

10 Lines on Dussehra in English

1. Dussehra is the principal festival of Hindus.

2. It is additionally called Vijayadashami.

3. On this day Lord Rama killed Ravana.

4. It is commended on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the period of Ashivan.

5. On this day Ramlila is coordinated all over the place.

6. Dussehra is an image of good over evil.

7. Fairs are coordinated at all spots.

8. On this day representations of Ravana and Kumbhkaran are scorched.

9. Dussehra comes toward the finish of Navratri.

10. From this festival we get the teaching of humankind.


10 Lines on Dussehra in English

Few Sentences on Dussehra Festival

·        Nine days before Dussehra, Ramlila is all over India celebrated.

·        The ideal existence of Shri Smash ji is displayed in Ramlila.

·        The likenesses of Ravana, Meghnath and Khumbhakarna are singed upon the arrival of Dussehra.

·        On this day there is an occasion in schools and government workplaces.

·        This day is praised as the triumph of good over evil.          

5 Points about Festival of Dussehra in English

1.     Dussehra is a important festival of Hindus.

2.     Dussehra is otherwise called Vijayadashmi.

3.     Dussehra festival is praised consistently on the 10th day of the long stretch of Ashwin.

4.     On this day Lord Rama killed the devil ruler Ravana.

5.     Dussehra festival denotes the triumph of good over evil.

10 Lines on Dussehra in English


Few Points and lines on Dussehra for class 1,2,3,4,5 to 10th class students

Dussehra is a significant Hindu festival which is commended to stamp the triumph of good over evil. As per the Puranas and stories, when Ravana seized Sita, then, at that point, Lord Rama killed Ravana in Lanka by battling him and liberated the earth from his wrongdoing and abuse. This day is known as Dussehra and commends the triumph of truth by consuming a model of Ravana on this day consistently in the memory of Lord Shri Smash.

·        Dussehra is a Hindu festival that denotes the triumph of Lord Rama over the evil ruler Ravana.

·        It additionally represents the triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura.

·        The day of Dussehra is known as Vijayadashami.

·        On this day a tall representation of Ravana is made which addresses evil and this likeness is scorched on Dussehra to connote the triumph of good over evil.

·        The existence of Lord Rama before Dussehra is portrayed by the show Ramlila and finishes with the butcher of Ravana upon the arrival of Dussehra.

·        On Dussehra, likenesses of Ravana alongside his sibling Kumbhakarna and child Meghnath are additionally singed.

·        On Dussehra, there is an occasion in schools and government workplaces.

·        Fairs and displays are coordinated in different spots in India.

·        Navratra happens nine days before Dussehra.

·        Dussehra is viewed as the festival of triumph of good over evil.

 10 points

1) Dussehra is a significant festival of Hinduism.

2) Dussehra festival is likewise celebrated as Vijayadashami.

3) This festival falls in the period of Ashwin as per the Hindi schedule.

4) This festival is commended on the 10th day following 9 days of Navratri.

5) Mata Durga is venerated by fasting for the initial 9 days and Dussehra is praised on the 10th day.

6) The meaning of Dussehra festival implies the triumph of good over evil.

7) upon the arrival of Dussehra, the icon of Ravana is scorched.

8) The festival of Dussehra is commended by the money managers with extraordinary pageantry.

9) Individuals purchase gold on Dussehra.

10) This is my number one festival.

Five Lines on Dussehra for kids

1.     Dussehra is a renowned festival of Hindus.

2.     Dussehra is additionally called Vijayadashami.

3.     Dussehra festival is commended on the 10th day of the long stretch of Ashwin as indicated by the Hindu schedule.

4.     On the 10th day of the period of Ashwin, Shri Smash ji killed a devil named Ravana.

5.     Dussehra festival is praised in the delight of killing Ravana by Shri Slam.


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5 Lines on Parrot

5 Lines on Parrot

 5 Lines on Parrot in English for class 1,2,3,4,5 kids

1. Parrot is an nice and lovely bird in the world.
2. Its wings are green in variety. It has a red snout.
3. Its snout is bended.
4. It eats grains, organic products, leaves, seeds, mangoes, and bubbled rice and so on.
5. Parrot is a talking bird. It can talk like a human.
6. It is a sharp bird as it is viewed as a specialist in mimicry.
7. A wide assortment of birds are tracked down in India.
8. Parrots are homegrown birds.
9. Many individuals keep it in their homes.
10. Up to this point in excess of 300 types of parrots have been found.

5 Lines on Parrot

Few lines on parrot for class 1

 1. Parrot is an exceptionally keen and devilish bird which is tracked down just in warm nations.
2. Parrots are of various tones yet their eggs are white.
3. Parrots have a typical life expectancy of 10-15 years.
4. Parrots are omnivores. They additionally eat organic products, blossoms and little bugs yet they incline toward chillies the most.
5. Parrots (Parrots) assemble their homes in the pits of trees.

6. Parrots can fly extremely quick.
7. The body length of a parrot goes from 10 to 12 inches.
8. Parrot's tongue is extremely thick.
9. Certain individuals keep parrots in a little enclosure which is rarely fitting.
10. They should be visible in herds more often than not.

1. Parrots are smart birds.
2. They have solid legs.
3. We can see enormous assortments of parrots in South America and Australia.
4. Parrot feathers are utilized for design.
5. Parrots don't have vocal strings.

Five sentences on my favourite bird parrot :

 1. Most parrots live in the Southern Half of the globe. Parrots like to reside just in warm places.
2. A parrot speaks with different parrots by waving their feathers.
3. Deciding the sex of a parrot is really difficult.
4. Parrots in New Zealand construct their homes on the ground.
5. Parrots are for the most part friendly birds. They like to live in gatherings.

1. Parrot is an exceptionally gorgeous bird.
2. Parrots can undoubtedly distinguish numbers, people or any article.
3. They are brilliantly hued and alluring.
4. Their mouth is, serious areas of strength for short bended.
5. They are notable for their capacity to mimic human sounds.

5 Lines on Parrot

Lovely bird parrot :

1. Parrot is an exceptionally lovely and charming bird.

2. Parrot's bill is red and feathers are green.

3. Parrots love paying attention to music.

4. A few types of parrots in the entire world can talk like people.

5. Many sorts of parrots are found.

1. Parrot is an extremely gorgeous bird.

2. The feathers of the parrot are green.

3. Parrot's nose is red in variety.

4. Parrots like to live in herds.

5. Parrots like to eat natural products.

6. Parrots are capable at impersonating people by paying attention to their voices.

7. In excess of 350 types of parrots are viewed as everywhere.

8. Parrots like to live by making homes in the backwoods.

9. The ordinary load of a parrot can go from 10 grams to 1 kg.

10. The typical existence of a parrot can go from 20 to 50 years.

Few sentences about bird parrot

  • The parrot is green in variety.
  • Its red bill is marginally bended.
  • Parrot's tongue is thick.
  • He jumps at the chance to eat green chillies, ready mangoes, plums and guava.
  • It lives on trees in the woodland.
  • Its wings are wonderful and hooks are pointed.
  • The typical life expectancy of a parrot goes from 10 years to 70 years.
  • A few parrots even figure out how to talk like us.
  • Kids warmly call it 'mithu'.
  • We shouldn't keep parrots in confines.
  • Parrots are called astute birds.
  • Any human can undoubtedly pet a parrot.
  • Parrots needn't bother with to be shown things like different birds. He consequently duplicates our words.
  • The principal living space of parrots on the planet is Australia and New Zealand.
  • The parrot's snout keeps on developing all through its life.
  • Among every one of the birds of the world, the parrot is the main bird that eats food by squeezing it in its paws.
  • A parrot flies as quick as a nursery moves.
  • We can't see if a parrot is male or female without a blood test.
  • Parrot's discourse is cruel and dry, which is heard as much as 1 kilometer away.
  • A parrot can fly up to 1000 km each day to track down food.

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 India Vs Australia 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2022

India Vs Australia 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2022

 India Vs Australia 3rd T20 Match Highlights Today  25 September - IND versus AUS T20 Live Score 2022, Features, T20 Scorecard, Live Streaming Today, T20 Timetable, Tickets, Setting, Next Match Crew, Match Time, Live Broadcast Diverts in India. India and Australia are set to clash in the impending T20I series during the 2022 visit through Australia. The IND versus AUS T20 series 2022 will comprise of three matches.

India VS Australia T20 Match 2022

India Versus Australia Tickets - India Versus Australia Ticket Deals - Hyderabad T20 Tickets: Mohali and Nagpur T20 is over. With the series 1-1, the India versus Australia troop has now moved to Hyderabad for the decider. The third T20 match will be played in Hyderabad on 25 September for example Sunday. The interest for tickets for the third T20 is exceptional. The match is totally sold out. Could fans actually purchase last moment tickets?

Hyderabad T20 Ticket Deal - India versus Australia Tickets: The third T20 is being played in Hyderabad on 25th September. The match will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi Worldwide Cricket Arena in Hyderabad.

The scene is viewed as one of the more notable settings in India and has facilitated numerous global matches. The arena has the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL and the Andhra Pradesh group in the homegrown circuit.

India Vs Australia 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2022

Ind versus Aus T20 series: For what reason is it significant?

India currently has just 4 more matches to get ready for the T20 World Cup to be held in September, for example 1 match against Australia and 3 T20 matches against South Africa.

They will involve this match as a groundwork for the ICC occasion. With the rival being Australia, a super charged conflict is normal with both the groups opening the series of wins. By the day's end, the people who partake in the games at the setting will get to see profoundly aggressive games.

India versus Australia third T20 match is planned to happen on 25 September 2022. The match is to be played in Hyderabad, and cricket fans can watch it live the nation over. Both the groups are equipping to play the third T20 match against one another on the booked date.

Fans can likewise purchase tickets for the India versus Australia third T20I match online to watch it in the arena. Fundamentally, the third T20 between the two groups is to be played at the Rajiv Gandhi Global Arena in Hyderabad. Watchers can likewise observe live spilling of the whole match on their TVs and cell phones.

2nd Match t20 India Vs Australia

The second match of the 3-match series was played in Nagpur today. The match was played for simply eight overs because of downpour and wet ground. With just eight overs in the match, each group got two overs of the batting powerplay. A bowler was permitted to bowl a limit of two overs.

For the Australian group, commander Aaron Finch and first T20 match legend Cameron Green came to open the innings. Yet, the enchantment of Cameron Green's bat didn't work in this match and Kohli excused him for only 5 runs.

However, Finch played a fine and speedy innings, scoring 31 runs in only 15 balls with the assistance of four fours and a 6. Once more matthew Swim, who came to bat in the last, completed the game for his group by playing a game. Splendid and immaculate thump of 43 runs in only 20 balls, which included three sixes and four fours.

India Vs Australia 3rd T20 Match Highlights 2022

Rohit Sharma won the throw and chose to bowl first. Australian batsmen scored 90 runs in 8 overs for the deficiency of 5 wickets. Indian group required 91 runs in 60 balls to dominate the game.

IND versus AUS The principal T20I occurred on 20 September at the IS Bindra Arena in Mohali. The second T20 match will be hung on 23 September in Nagpur while the third T20 match will be held in Hyderabad on 25 September. Australia won the primary T20I by 5 wickets and are right now driving the 3-match series 1-0.

India last played in the Asia Cup 2022 where they neglected to arrive at the last subsequent to losing 2 out of 3 games in the Very Four round. India last played a T20I series against West Indies in July-August 2022. In the five-match series, India won 4-1 against has West Indies.

Australia as of late played a three-match ODI series against New Zealand, in which they won 3-0. Australia last played a T20I series against Sri Lanka in June 2022. In the three-match series, Australia dominated the initial two matches and lost the third match. So they won the series 2-1.

Played Matches :

In one-on-one matches in T20Is, India and Australia have played 23 matches. India has won 13 matches while Australia has won 9 matches. One match finished without an outcome. Playing in India, Australia have dominated 4 matches and lost 4 out of 8. India and Australia last played a T20I series in December 2020, which India won 2-1.

IND versus AUS T20 Series 2022 Timetable

Date Match Subtleties Area Time (IST)



20 September India versus Australia first T20I Punjab Cricket Affiliation IS Bindra Arena

Mohali 7:00 PM


23 September India versus Australia

second T20 at Vidarbha Cricket Affiliation Arena

Nagpur at 7:00 PM

25 September India versus Australia

third T20 at Rajiv Gandhi Global Arena

Hyderabad at 7:00 PM


Australia's bowlers were floored by Rohit's tempest.

Rohit and Rahul come to open the Indian innings. KL Rahul got out for 10 runs. Yet, Rohit didn't let the tension of this wicket fall in the group and he scored a splendid 46 runs at a great strike pace of 230, which included four fours and six major sixes.

Over to one of a kind Dinesh Karthik.

After the early excusal of Hardik Pandya, one of a kind Dinesh Karthik comes to bat, and India need 9 runs in the last over to dominate the match. Karthik hit a six off the main bundle of his innings, then a four on the second, assisting India with dominating the match and the series was tied at 1-1. The title match will be held in Hyderabad on September 25.

Man of the Match - Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma said, "Really I was additionally very shocked." I didn't anticipate that it should hit like this, so I'm happy it took off. I have been playing like this for the last 8-9 months. You truly can't design a lot in such a short game. The bowlers had something to bowl to and we bowled well. Later the dew began coming, so we saw some full throw from Harshal's side. Returning following a couple of months can be troublesome with a back physical issue. I won't discuss how he bowled. We got a significant wicket. Collectively, we won't do an excess of investigation. Simply believe he should come and appreciate it. Axar can bowl at any level, which provides me with the benefit of involving different bowlers in various circumstances too - in the event that he bowls in the powerplays he can involve the quick bowlers in the center overs. I might likewise want to see his batting."