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5 Lines on Parrot

 5 Lines on Parrot in English for class 1,2,3,4,5 kids

1. Parrot is an nice and lovely bird in the world.
2. Its wings are green in variety. It has a red snout.
3. Its snout is bended.
4. It eats grains, organic products, leaves, seeds, mangoes, and bubbled rice and so on.
5. Parrot is a talking bird. It can talk like a human.
6. It is a sharp bird as it is viewed as a specialist in mimicry.
7. A wide assortment of birds are tracked down in India.
8. Parrots are homegrown birds.
9. Many individuals keep it in their homes.
10. Up to this point in excess of 300 types of parrots have been found.

5 Lines on Parrot

Few lines on parrot for class 1

 1. Parrot is an exceptionally keen and devilish bird which is tracked down just in warm nations.
2. Parrots are of various tones yet their eggs are white.
3. Parrots have a typical life expectancy of 10-15 years.
4. Parrots are omnivores. They additionally eat organic products, blossoms and little bugs yet they incline toward chillies the most.
5. Parrots (Parrots) assemble their homes in the pits of trees.

6. Parrots can fly extremely quick.
7. The body length of a parrot goes from 10 to 12 inches.
8. Parrot's tongue is extremely thick.
9. Certain individuals keep parrots in a little enclosure which is rarely fitting.
10. They should be visible in herds more often than not.

1. Parrots are smart birds.
2. They have solid legs.
3. We can see enormous assortments of parrots in South America and Australia.
4. Parrot feathers are utilized for design.
5. Parrots don't have vocal strings.

Five sentences on my favourite bird parrot :

 1. Most parrots live in the Southern Half of the globe. Parrots like to reside just in warm places.
2. A parrot speaks with different parrots by waving their feathers.
3. Deciding the sex of a parrot is really difficult.
4. Parrots in New Zealand construct their homes on the ground.
5. Parrots are for the most part friendly birds. They like to live in gatherings.

1. Parrot is an exceptionally gorgeous bird.
2. Parrots can undoubtedly distinguish numbers, people or any article.
3. They are brilliantly hued and alluring.
4. Their mouth is, serious areas of strength for short bended.
5. They are notable for their capacity to mimic human sounds.

5 Lines on Parrot

Lovely bird parrot :

1. Parrot is an exceptionally lovely and charming bird.

2. Parrot's bill is red and feathers are green.

3. Parrots love paying attention to music.

4. A few types of parrots in the entire world can talk like people.

5. Many sorts of parrots are found.

1. Parrot is an extremely gorgeous bird.

2. The feathers of the parrot are green.

3. Parrot's nose is red in variety.

4. Parrots like to live in herds.

5. Parrots like to eat natural products.

6. Parrots are capable at impersonating people by paying attention to their voices.

7. In excess of 350 types of parrots are viewed as everywhere.

8. Parrots like to live by making homes in the backwoods.

9. The ordinary load of a parrot can go from 10 grams to 1 kg.

10. The typical existence of a parrot can go from 20 to 50 years.

Few sentences about bird parrot

  • The parrot is green in variety.
  • Its red bill is marginally bended.
  • Parrot's tongue is thick.
  • He jumps at the chance to eat green chillies, ready mangoes, plums and guava.
  • It lives on trees in the woodland.
  • Its wings are wonderful and hooks are pointed.
  • The typical life expectancy of a parrot goes from 10 years to 70 years.
  • A few parrots even figure out how to talk like us.
  • Kids warmly call it 'mithu'.
  • We shouldn't keep parrots in confines.
  • Parrots are called astute birds.
  • Any human can undoubtedly pet a parrot.
  • Parrots needn't bother with to be shown things like different birds. He consequently duplicates our words.
  • The principal living space of parrots on the planet is Australia and New Zealand.
  • The parrot's snout keeps on developing all through its life.
  • Among every one of the birds of the world, the parrot is the main bird that eats food by squeezing it in its paws.
  • A parrot flies as quick as a nursery moves.
  • We can't see if a parrot is male or female without a blood test.
  • Parrot's discourse is cruel and dry, which is heard as much as 1 kilometer away.
  • A parrot can fly up to 1000 km each day to track down food.

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