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5 lines on Elephant in English

 5 Lines on Elephant in English

  1.  The elephant is the world's largest living thing.
  2. Elephant is a very intelligent and obedient animal.
  3. Elephants stand on four legs and have a short tail, two huge ears, two small eyes, and a trunk.
  4. The elephant's four legs are all quite large and thick.
  5. Elephants have tiny eyes in relation to their size.
  6. The elephant's ears resemble large feathers.
  7. Elephant trunks are really handy.
  8. Elephants use their trunks to assist them eat and drink.
  9. Elephants have a peaceful disposition.
  10. However, they become quite aggressive when they sense a threat.

Five sentences on Elephant in English

  1. Elephant is an extremely huge creature.
  2. It eats the leaves of plants.
  3. Elephants have thick, dark skin.
  4. It has a long nose called the storage compartment.
  5. An elephant utilizes its trunk to lift things.
  6. Its tail is exceptionally short.
  7. An elephant has two major ears.
  8. It has two long teeth called 'tusks'.
  9. The elephant strolls gradually.

5 lines on Elephant in English

5 points on elephants

  1. Elephants are creatures tracked down in the woodlands and deserts of Asia and Africa.
  2. Elephants are viewed as exceptionally shrewd and social creatures like primates and people.
  3. The typical life expectancy of an elephant is around 70 years.
  4. Child elephants, otherwise called 'calves', can weigh around 100-120 kg.
  5. Elephants are herbivores and their eating regimen comprises of natural products, leaves, grass, blossoms, and so on.

5 lines essay on elephant in English

  1. Elephant is the heaviest creature on the planet.
  2. Its skin is extremely firm.
  3. The shade of the elephant is dark.
  4. It is a creature living in the wildernesses.
  5. It has a little tail.
  1. Elephant is a monster creature saw as in the woodland.
  2. It is a vegan creature.
  3. The elephant has a long trunk, with the assistance of which it eats and beverages.
  4. Elephants have little vision.
  5. They should be visible generally in herds. Their crowd is driven by a female elephant.

10 Lines on elephant in English

1. Elephant is a creature of quiet nature, its speed is slow however it moves quicker than human.
2. Its teeth are exceptionally valuable, many kinds of adornments and prescriptions are ready from it.
3. At the point when the elephant is irate, it causes extraordinary annihilation in the timberlands, it smashes little trees with its trunk and feet.
4. Elephants have extremely enormous ears which safeguard them from singing intensity and sun.
5. Elephant is additionally viewed as the most impressive creature on the planet.

6. They have huge white teeth on one or the other side of the storage compartment.
7. The greater the body of an elephant, the more its life expectancy.
8. At the point when an elephant passes on, its body is extremely valuable in light of the fact that after its demise, its teeth are utilized to plan many prescriptions and adornments.
9. The elephant is by and large a wild creature, in spite of the fact that it can in any case be trained.
10. The level of an elephant is around 8 to 9 feet. The feet of elephants resemble large support points.

10 lines essay on elephant for students

  1. There are two types of elephants found on the planet, one is the African elephant and the other is the Asian elephant.
  2. African elephants have exceptionally huge ears and their body size is likewise bigger than Asian elephants.
  3. The storage compartment of an elephant is serious areas of strength for extremely flexible.
  4. Elephants are ordinarily tracked down in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Thailand.
  5. Elephants are canny creatures since they can learn anything rapidly.
  6. Elephants can without much of a stretch convey weighty wooden loads in their trunk and convey it starting with one spot then onto the next.
  7. Thailand is a nation where white hued elephants are found.
  8. An elephant eats up to 180 kg of food in a day and can drink around 110 liters of water.
  9. An elephant can gauge up to 5000 kg.
  10. Because of deforestation and expanding contamination, the territory of elephants is becoming restricted, because of which their numbers are diminishing fundamentally.


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