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5 Lines on dog in English

 5 Lines on dog in English

 1. Dog is a very strong animal.
2. It has two eyes, two ears, four legs, a tail and a pointed tooth.
3. It runs very fast.
4. It eats rice, fish, meat etc.
5. Individuals keep it in their home as an "image of prestige".

Five lines on pet dog in English

1. Dogs are one of the animals trained by man.
2. He is known as "man's dearest companion".
3. In addition to trained dogs, lost dogs are also tracked close to human settlements on the planet.
4. Dogs help people in many things like hunting, watching, helping police and army etc.
5. Individuals like to take a walk with their dogs and play with them in the nursery.

5 Lines on dog in English

5 sentences about dog animal in English

1. Dog is a reliable animal found in the house, it is also tracked in the backwoods.
2. A dog's sense of smell is an area of ​​exceptional strength.
3. A dog can make different sounds.
4. It can also be seen in the evening.
5. It is tracked from one side of the planet to the other in different species.

Five points on dog in English

1. The name of my pet dog is Rocky.
2. Raf is my best friend.
3. It's devious but decent.
4. Raf loves to eat chocolates and bread rolls.
5. He plays football with me. I also appreciate playing with Rocky.


1. Dog is a pet. It is a quadrilateral animal.
2. Its teeth are sharp.
3. The dog has two brilliant eyes.
4. It is an omnivorous animal.
5. They have more hearing and smell than people.
6. The dog is a practical creature.
7. It is found in dark, white, brown etc. colours.
8. A dog remains loyal to its owner throughout its life.
9. Dogs move in and out of the mouth through the tongue.
10. To catch the miscreants, both the police and the army keep dogs.

10 Lines on Dog in English my pet dog

1. A dog is a pet that is generally loyal and trustworthy to its owner.
2. Dogs are of different sizes ranging from small to large.
3. Dog's feet have sharp nails.
4. The dog is very ready when he sleeps, wakes up only in a short state.
5. He is extraordinarily biased towards eating meat and bread.
6. It keeps an eye on your home during the evening.
7. This is our real partner.
8. There are different types of dog breeds available everywhere. Such as Bulldog, German Shepherd, Akbush Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basenjis and so on.
9. It protects our house from criminals.
10. As we probably know they cannot talk although they can feel. Next, we must deal with them.

 10 sentences about pet animal dog in English for students

1. Dog is a domestic animal tamed by people and is the most widely recognized pet of man.
2. They have four legs and a tail and make "woof", "bark" and "sniff" sounds.
3. They are lively, agreeable and loyal to people.
4. Female dogs are designated "bitches"; Their children are known by the name "Little Dog".
5. In general, a female dog can produce 3-6 pups at a time.
6. A group of at least three dogs is known as a "pack".
7. The typical life expectancy of a dog is 10 to 13 years.
8. There are about 800 types of dogs on the planet.
9. A dog shows its affection and love for its owner by waving its tail.
10. It is also believed that having a dog can reduce your communication stress.

Short essay on dog in English 10 lines essay

1) The name of my pet dog is Shera.

2) It is darkness in diversity which is a serious field of strength for.

3) Shera is very dear to me.

4) Shera supervises our house.

5) Shera is one person from the family for all of us.

6) Not only do I like Shera but I also like all my relatives like her.

7) My dog ​​is ready forever.

8) Shera's sense of smell is an area of ​​immense power.

9) I like to invest energy with Shera.

10) Spending time with Shera usually takes my stress and anxiety away.

1) My pet dog's name is Tommy.

2) Tommy is high contrast.

3) Tommy is an exceptionally charming dog, everyone in the house loves him.

4) His eyes are round and big. They glow in oblivion.

5) The descendants of the current side spoil him and return home to play with him.

6) Tommy is a charming and innocent dog, he loves to play with children.

7) It is not possible for any unknown person to come into the house with Tommy, he is very eager to see strangers.

8) Tommy knows his name and flies whenever he is called.

9) When the people of the house go out, he follows them outside.

10) Tommy is an unbreakable and loving dog.


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